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Offering Sound Professional Advice With Compassion and Drive

Professional legal representation from a top law firm gives you a voice. Working with Hanft Fride means your voice will be heard.

You have a story to tell. You have a history that needs to be heard. You have our attention and we hear you.

For more than 100 years, our mission has been to offer high-quality legal representation based on professionalism, expertise and respect. Our team of experienced attorneys upholds that mission by working harder and listening better to give every client our undivided attention.

This is your case, after all, and the only way to represent you efficiently is to understand every aspect of the issue—from your point of view—and then apply our knowledge of the legal matters at hand.

Throughout our history of serving Duluth and surrounding communities, this philosophy has helped foster success for our clients—not merely because we are experts in our practice areas, but because we take the time to listen.

A Duluth Law Firm With Over 100 Years of Proven History

For most Minnesota law firms, success is measured case by case. With Hanft Fride, it’s century by century.

We named our law firm Hanft Fride, A Professional Association, in 1999. In the preceding century, our name changed many times, but our philosophy has remained the same.

In 1899, it was The State of Minnesota v. Duluth Gas & Water Company. The defendants were represented by the firm of Washburn, Lewis and Bailey, our predecessors, and the case set the standard by which our team of attorneys still measures itself.

Tireless work and best efforts are the only ways to achieve the client’s desired outcomes.

Through much of our history, clients have included railways, utilities, mining companies and other industrial-based organizations. A high point of this industrial expertise came in the 1970s, with a groundbreaking decision in United States v. Reserve Mining Company. After years of research and legal proceedings, the courts decided in favor of Reserve Mining Company, Hanft Fride’s client, garnering national and international attention.

As our region’s economy expanded, our practice areas did as well. Growth in family law, real estate development and estate planning helped establish expertise outside the fields of industry, transportation and environmental law.

In short, we became more accessible to more people and, therefore, more successful. We continue to enjoy that success today at Hanft Fride by maintaining our traditions of hard work and sharp focus. This is how we get our clients what they want, time after time.

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